Chris T Christensen - Naples FL financial and estate planning specialist

Serving as President and Chief Operating Officer of Advanced Wealth Advisors, LLC, Chris T. Christensen has a level of passion and creativity that is unmatched in the financial planning industry. Read below to learn more about his experience in the industry and the financial planning strategies he finds important.

How many years have you been in the financial planning industry? I am proud to say I now have 31 years of experience in this field.

How did you first get into the business? I was first hired as a stock broker trainee at Prudential Bache Securities. I quickly became one of the top brokers in my office, region, and in the country.

What other experience do you have within the financial planning industry? I have years of experience helping my clients with advanced estate planning and multi-million dollar life insurance design for estate tax liquidity. At Advanced Wealth Advisors, we work with very successful families and individuals to help them solidify their plans to leave behind a legacy and a lasting impact on their heirs and community.

What prompted you to begin a career in financial planning? I was fascinated with the stock market and thought I could make a difference in people’s lives. I wanted to be a trusted advisor for my clients and help them navigate the broad financial markets and their financial lives.

What about the industry do you enjoy the most? I really enjoy when I can help families pass on their hard-earned wealth to future generations. People work so hard and so long for the assets they accumulate and I feel they deserve to see that life’s work passed on to who they want and in the manner that they would want. They also deserve to have those assets remain intact as much as possible, without being reduced by taxes and poor planning.

 What achievement within your business are you most proud of? The ability to work with my son. By bringing our strong family relationship to the families we work with, I believe we act much like a dynamic duo, as we help those families improve and protect their financial lives.

What memberships or affiliations with industry boards do you hold? Advanced Wealth Advisors LLC, is a member of the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting (AALU). AALU’s mission is to promote, preserve and protect advanced life insurance planning for the benefit of our members, their clients, the industry and the general public.

What would you like people to understand about financial planning and about Advanced Wealth Advisors that they may not know? Everything we do is about helping successful families and individuals preserve, protect and perpetuate their assets, gained from their life’s work, on to those they care most about:  their children, grandchildren and charitable causes.

Chris T. Christensen and Advanced Wealth Advisors strive to protect the assets of their accomplished clientele as the choice financial advisor in Naples FL and they specialize in asset protection, life insurance and investment advisory.