1. What to Look for in a Financial Advisor

    Deciding whether or not you need a financial advisor is a big decision; however, deciding to go with a skilled advisor from Advanced Wealth Advisors is beneficial in many ways. If you’re looking to hire a skilled financial advisor, here are some traits you should look for. Skilled Listener Not every financial advisor will be able to listen to you and truly understand what you’re saying. If the…Read More

  2. Financial Planning for Women in Naples, FL

    Financial Advice Tailored to Women

    Whether you are just starting a career and thinking ahead or rebooting your savings plan after the economic downturn, getting the help of a financial advisor is the smart way to go. For women who are just now entering the workforce, they are accustomed to the lack of pension plans, but women who have worked for the last few decades have witnessed the decline in company funded pension plans and hav…Read More

  3. Female Financial Advisor in Naples FL

    The First Meeting with Your Financial Advisor Part 2

    Have you met with a financial advisor before? Whether you have or not, this blog can help you out. We at Advanced Wealth Advisors are Naples’ experienced financial planners, and we know what a first meeting should look like. In our last blog, we detailed two topics that will be addressed during this first meeting, and we invite you to check it out. You will learn what a financial snapshot is as…Read More

  4. Financial Advisor Naples FL 34103

    The First Meeting with Your Financial Advisor Part 1

    At Advanced Wealth Advisors, we are proud to offer the financial planning you need. We know how important your investments are to the future of you and your family, and we a proud to partner with you in keeping that future secure. If you have never had an investment advisor, the first meeting can seem pretty intimidating. We are here to help you get ready. In the next two blogs, we will discuss w…Read More

  5. Find a financial advisor in Naples FL

    10 Myths About Financial Advisors Part 2

    In our last blog, we discussed five myths about financial advisors, because we want you to be able to make the best choices when it comes to your investments. We have five more myths for you. MYTH: Advisors are required to have a college degree. Reality: There is no minimum education requirement to become a financial advisor. You do not even need a high school diploma. MYTH: An advisor must share …Read More

  6. Myths about financial advisors - Naples FL

    10 Myths About Financial Advisors Part 1

    At Advanced Wealth Advisors, we know that knowledge is power, and we want to give you what you need to navigate the world of finance safely. There are many misconceptions about financial advisors, and they make it difficult to make safe choices. In the following two blogs, we will explore ten myths about financial advisors and what is actually true! MYTH: There are minimum requirements you must me…Read More

  7. What To Ask Your Potential Financial Advisor

    A professional financial advisor is a perfect solution to all of your money problems, if you follow their guidance, anyway. In fact, after just a few meetings with a financial advisor, you can increase your savings tremendously. By revising your investments dramatically, you can receive the good advice on estate planning, insurance and so much more, saving you money you never knew you had. Althoug…Read More

  8. Financial Advisor for Retirement in Naples, FL 34102

    How a Financial Advisor Can Help You Plan for Retirement

    There was once a time where it was easy to retire the day you turned 65. With pensions more common and Social Security more dependable, many individuals didn’t have to worry about how they were going to afford retirement. Today, many individuals approaching retirement age or younger are feeling the pressures of finding the money to be able to retire and not have to return to the workforce even l…Read More

  9. Soren T. Christensen, CFP®, Financial Advisor, Naples, FL

    Interview with Soren T. Christensen, CFP®, ChFC®

    Soren T. Christensen is the Manager and CEO of Advanced Wealth Advisors, LLC in Naples, FL. He serves his clients as a comprehensive financial planner. Read below to learn more about his experience in the industry and the financial planning strategies he finds important. How many years have you been in the financial planning industry? I have been in the financial services industry for over ten …Read More

  10. Find a Retirement Planner in Naples FL, 34102

    Questions to Ask Before You Retire – Part 1

    Are you headed toward retirement age? If so, this is a significant lifestyle change, and there are many things to consider. At Advanced Wealth Advisors, we want you to be able to head into retirement with confidence, knowing you have all of your ducks in a row. That is why we offer retirement planning services. In the next few blogs, we are going to explore several helpful questions to ask yoursel…Read More