Chris T. Christensen, Financial Planner in Naples, FLChris T. Christensen serves as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Advanced Wealth Advisors. Chris focuses on helping successful people protect and preserve their wealth. He has over thirty years of experience and training in the financial services industry. He speaks in major cities throughout the country on the topics of asset protection, wealth preservation, and estate planning. Chris encourages audiences and clients throughout the country to constantly monitor and update their financial and estate plans.

Mr. Christensen has honed his career as an advanced estate planning specialist. He started in the industry as an investment advisor in the early 1980s, where he saw far too many clients failing to update other important parts of their financial plan. He transitioned his career toward a more holistic planning approach, taking into account the client’s entire planning picture. Chris believes it’s important for clients to feel empowered about their life and legacy planning. He works with all of his clients to make sure that those they care about—family, charity, and other beneficiaries—are properly taken care of and that others—such as the IRS, creditors, and predators—are disinherited.

Chris T. Christensen and Family in Naples, FLChris resides in Naples, FL with his lovely wife, Sandy, their three children, four cats, and two dogs. Chris is a golf enthusiast and an amateur chef. Sandy enjoys cycling, reading, and taking care of her children—human, canine, and feline. Chris and Sandy support several charitable organizations in Southwest Florida and are active in their events. They have a philanthropic passion for animals, education, and healthcare. They enjoy spending time with their family outdoors, on the water, and traveling abroad.

Do you need help with any of the following estate planning strategies?

  • Wealth protection
  • Wealth preservation
  • Wealth transfer

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