What to Look for in a Financial Advisor

Deciding whether or not you need a financial advisor is a big decision; however, deciding to go with a skilled advisor from Advanced Wealth Advisors is beneficial in many ways. If you’re looking to hire a skilled financial advisor, here are some traits you should look for.

Skilled Listener

Not every financial advisor will be able to listen to you and truly understand what you’re saying. If the financial advisor is doing all of the talking, there’s no way they are truly getting to know you. Some financial advisors try to fill all the silence during a discussion, but silence after a tough financial question is often a good thing as it means you, the client, are carefully considering your answer. A financial advisor who is good listener will understand and follow you where you want to take the financial planning conversation.

In Tune with Self and Others

A financial advisor must be in tune with themselves and others around them. Being conscious of their own feelings will help them understand how others are feeling. A successful financial advisor can connect with others on another level. To keep things simple, you need a financial advisor who will be there with you through thick and thin, good times and bad, and will help you succeed.

"We treat our clients like family, because with something as important as financial planning, you need to have a very close relationship with your client."

-Soren T. Christensen, Founder & Chief Planning Officer, Advanced Wealth Advisors

If you’d like to better understand if your financial advisor is right for you, try asking them the following questions; they should be able to answer them:

  • What’s the best and worst financial decision you have personally made?
  • What’s your personal relationship with money like?
  • Do you have a past client who experienced a transformation as a result of your financial services?

Diverse Experience

A financial advisor who is great at what they do most-likely has diverse experience. Ask if your financial advisor has had experience dealing with the turmoil of the economy fluctuations, the downturns and the upswings. Experiences that can be described as this show the financial advisor has some wisdom to bring to the financial planning table.

Integrity and Independence

Your financial advisor should be fair and honest, which means integrity plays a big role and must be held as a core value. The financial advisor should be able to tell you about their business and processes, and why they’re important. One of the most powerful tools in the industry is ensuring integrity.

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