1. Soren Christensen, Financial Planner & Wealth Manager, Naples & Fort Myers FL

    Interview with Soren T. Christensen, Financial Planner & Wealth Manager

    Soren T. Christensen is the Founder & Chief Planning Officer of Advanced Wealth Advisors, LLC in Naples and Fort Myers, FL. He serves his clients as a comprehensive financial advisor, specializing in financial planning and wealth management. Read below to learn more about his experience in t…Read More

  2. 4 Reasons You May Need a Financial Planner

    Many people can benefit from hiring a qualified financial planner. They can help you create a plan for today, and tomorrow. Whether you’re in the wealth accumulation, distribution, or preservation phase of your life, speaking with a financial planner will likely help you determine a plan that’s …Read More

  3. Financial Planning: Living Frugally to Achieve Your Financial Goals

    If you have financial planning goals, such as paying off your debt or saving for retirement, it may feel daunting to think about how you will achieve those goals. Fortunately, you don’t have to start working 80 hours a week to have more money to allocate where you want it. However, you will have t…Read More

  4. Financial Advisor - Naples FL

    Advanced Wealth Advisors – A Unique Financial Planning Firm

    Many people seek guidance from a financial advisor to help them build an investment portfolio that will help them throughout their retirement. However, many people feel intimidated by the financial planning process and by the financial advisor. Soren T. Christensen, founder of Advanced Wealth Adviso…Read More