You have worked hard to accumulate all of your assets and you qualify for comprehensive estate planning. Our experienced estate planning advisors can help to ensure that your assets go to whom you want, when you want, and how you want.

Our estate planning advisors can assist you in basic estate planning such as deciding how your assets will be distributed upon your death, declaring who will make decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated, and avoiding probate and dying intestate at death. The lack of a formal estate plan can lead to your heirs having to deal with the costs, delays, and publicity of the probate process, or even worse, allowing state intestacy laws to determine how your property is distributed.

We can also assist you in advanced estate planning areas such as strategies to avoid the federal estate, gift, and generation skipping transfer tax; protecting assets from creditors and divorced spouses; keeping a business in the family while limiting the tax consequences of the gift; and creating more wealth for the next generation through advanced gifting strategies.

Our comprehensive financial planners consider all other aspects of your financial plan—investment, retirement, insurance, and taxes—when constructing your estate plan. This is rare, but essential, when you qualify for advanced estate planning.

Whether you come to us with simple or complex estate planning needs, our estate planning advisors can help you understand all options available to preserve and perpetuate the legacy that you’ve created and hope to leave behind. One of our experienced estate planning advisors can build you an estate plan that takes into account your entire financial planning picture.

Do you know the answer to the following questions?

  • Do I need an estate plan?
  • Why is it important to avoid probate?
  • Is my estate plan up to date with current tax and transfer laws?
  • Will I have to pay estate taxes, and if so, how can I avoid them?
  • What advanced estate planning strategies are available to me?

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