Financial Advisor Naples FL 34103

At Advanced Wealth Advisors, we are proud to offer the financial planning you need. We know how important your investments are to the future of you and your family, and we a proud to partner with you in keeping that future secure.

If you have never had an investment advisor, the first meeting can seem pretty intimidating. We are here to help you get ready. In the next two blogs, we will discuss what you can expect from your first meeting.

  1. A financial picture
    • It is logical to understand where we are before we move forward, in much the same way you could not give anyone directions without knowing where they are first. A financial planner cannot give you advice until he or she knows where you are.
    • In this part, you will talk about your assets – things like your checking account, savings account, 401(k), and more. You will also review any debt you have, including student loans, credit cards, car loans, and a mortgage.
  2. Cash flow breakdown and analysis
    • Now that you and your advisor have determined your financial foundation, you need to analyze your monthly cash flow – basically, how much you make, spend, and save every month. This helps your advisor understand how much you can reasonable save and invest.
    • Use this time to discuss expenses you want to cut back on.

Advanced Wealth Advisors in Naples, FL is committed to keeping your future secure with financial advice that always puts your interests first. Contact us today to learn more!