Female Financial Advisor in Naples FL

Have you met with a financial advisor before? Whether you have or not, this blog can help you out. We at Advanced Wealth Advisors are Naples’ experienced financial planners, and we know what a first meeting should look like.

In our last blog, we detailed two topics that will be addressed during this first meeting, and we invite you to check it out. You will learn what a financial snapshot is as well as cash flow analysis. These two items are crucial to setting a clear, solid foundation. Once the foundation is set, you can start moving forward with the items we will discuss in this blog.

  1. Goal Setting
    • Once we know where you stand financially and how much we can invest, we will discuss exactly what to do with the money.
    • A good financial advisor will ask you what your goals are, what is important to you, and what you hope to achieve. Are you going to buy a home a few years from now? Do you want a major yearly vacation? What about debt?
    • Using your input the financial planner will put together a investment plan that will meet your unique goals.
  2. Timeline and Written Plan
    • Once your goals are clear and investing methods have been found for achieve each one, it’s time to come up with concrete plans for each one, including how you will allocate all your savings. Our discussion will go into a written strategy that you can carry out of the meeting.

At the end of your meeting, your financial advisor will provide you with outline of where you stand today and recommendations for your future. If you have never experienced this feeling before, you will love it. Contact Advanced Wealth Advisors for your first meeting with a qualified financial planner.