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An investment review is an important part of your wealth management process. At at a review with Advanced Wealth Advisors, we will provide you with your true financial performance, discuss the year’s challenges and achievements, and offer you justification of all fees. We will also discuss any changes to your personal situation and any concerns you may have.

Because your investment review is so important, knowing what to ask is a must. In the following two blogs, we will outline the three big questions you should ask in order to get a full picture of your finances.

Question 1: How did I do?

  • How did my portfolio perform?
    • Your financial advisor should be able to provide a summary of your total portfolio return. Additionally, he or she should provide a comparison of your portfolio versus a blended benchmark.
  • What caused under-performance/over-performance?
    • It is important to understand why your portfolio performed the way it did. Ask your advisor to review performance for each investment category and asset class.
  • What were my total all-in fees this year?
    • Asking for “all-in” or “total” fees will help ensure you learn about all the fees you were charged.

This first family of questions will establish a great foundation for the next two questions, which we will discuss in our next blog.

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