Written by: Soren T. Christensen, CFP®, CIMA®, ChFC®, MBA, Founder & Chief Planning Officer, Advanced Wealth Advisors

Divulging the intimate details of your financial life to another person is tough. Maybe your financial story has rough spots you would rather not discuss. For some, talking about how much we make, own and owe just makes us uneasy. How we manage money says a lot about us. It is all so personal. Yet, sharing this information is essential to financial planning. The even scarier part comes after you share all this information: trusting another person to manage your money. But, if you want a solid financial future, you must take this step.

How can you find the right person — someone who not only has the credentials, but also understands your perspective, and puts you at ease? This article provides tips for your quest to find the financial planner and wealth manager who is best for you.