1. Common Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

    Estate planning is not something that most people (if any) look forward to. After all, no one wants to think about their own mortality. Unfortunately, if you don’t take the time now to plan what will happen with your estate when you’re gone, you could end up making one of these common mistakes. Estate planning isn’t simply putting money in certain accounts; it is a more complex process than …Read More

  2. When To Hire a Financial Advisor

    All Americans could benefit from hiring a financial advisor; however, the cost can be prohibitive to some. You know that paying for a financial advisor is an investment in your future, but how can you tell whether it’s time to hire an advisor? Time and time again, people talk about needing financial help, and the help needed is usually beyond reading books and blogs about how to get your finance…Read More

  3. Living Frugally to Achieve Your Financial Goals

    If you have financial goals, such as paying off your debt or saving for retirement, it may feel daunting to think about how you will achieve those goals. Fortunately, you don’t have to start working 80 hours a week to have more money to allocate where you want it. However, you will have to make some adjustments to your lifestyle. When most people think about living more frugally, they assume tha…Read More

  4. How to Retire Early

    The majority of Americans are not prepared for retirement. A recent study by the National Institute on Retirement Security reported that 45 percent of U.S. households have no retirement assets. This means that many people will not be able to retire at all. On the other side of this, however, are working-age people who are not only ready to retire, they are prepared to do so before age 65. While th…Read More

  5. Financial Advisor - Naples FL

    Advanced Wealth Advisors – A Unique Financial Firm

    Guidance with finances is something that many people seek, especially as they start to build the number of investments that they have and the overall amounts of money that they have. While guidance and knowledge are what people want, very few people feel comfortable enough to work with financial advisors. Soren T. Christensen, founder of Advanced Wealth Advisors, saw what challenges individuals we…Read More

  6. Financial Advisor - Naples FL

    Financial Goals to Set for the New Year

    As the new year creeps up on us, resolutions and goals for the coming 12 months are flooding through your mind, are they not? Resolutions are one of the most common New Year’s traditions, but very rarely do people choose resolutions that they’re likely to stick to or that they’re excited to work on. The financial advisors at Advanced Wealth Advisors challenges you to set some resolutions thi…Read More

  7. Estate Planning - Naples FL

    Estate Planning – What to Prepare Part 2

    Welcome back the blog space for Advanced Wealth Advisors. We’ve been calming your nerves about estate planning by giving you a list of the different items that you’re going to need as you go through the process. If you’re just now joining us, make sure to go back and check out our last blog that started off this two-part series. Otherwise, let’s get started on the other items you can start…Read More

  8. Estate Planning - Naples FL

    Estate Planning – What to Prepare

    One of the financial services that we offer at Advanced Wealth Advisors is full guidance and assistance with estate planning. While it surely isn’t the financial path that most people look forward to in their life, it’s one that should be taken seriously and done well. That being said, it’s also crucial that you do estate planning so that in the case of an accident or an immediate diagnosis …Read More

  9. What to Look for in a Financial Advisor

    Deciding whether or not you need a financial advisor is a big decision; however, deciding to go with a skilled advisor from Advanced Wealth Advisors is beneficial in many ways. If you’re looking to hire a skilled financial advisor, here are some traits you should look for. Skilled Listener Not every financial advisor will be able to listen to you and truly understand what you’re saying. If the…Read More

  10. Financial Planning for Women in Naples, FL

    Financial Advice Tailored to Women

    Whether you are just starting a career and thinking ahead or rebooting your savings plan after the economic downturn, getting the help of a financial advisor is the smart way to go. For women who are just now entering the workforce, they are accustomed to the lack of pension plans, but women who have worked for the last few decades have witnessed the decline in company funded pension plans and hav…Read More